Berger 270cal 140gr VLD Hunting

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Berger 270cal 140gr VLD Hunting

Berger Bullets are now regarded as some of the very best quality, most uniform bullets available today. In Target shooting competitions world wide the Berger Bullets already dominate. With their Varmint, Hunting and Tactical bullets also being 'Match' grade they will deliver the best possible performance for their tasks. All Berger Bullets are made using J4 jackets which are considered the very best. Ballistic designs are state of the art and there are choices of different ogive shapes for many bullets. Tangent shape (Berger BT and FB), Secant shape (Berger VLDs) or Hybrid combination (Berger Hybrid). Ballistic coefficients (BCs) are the highest possible and this translates into flatter trajectories and more energy delivered downrange