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Hornady .270 Winchester Full Length Two Die Set


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This die set includes Full Length Sizer, and Seating Dies. The Full Length Die now features a Zip Spindle with a series of light threads cut on the spindle and spindle collet to eliminate slippage and make it easier to tighten the spindle lock when making adjustments. Improve bullet seating and accuracy with the Seating Die that optionally applies a roll crimp. Die set comes packaged in a plastic storage box with Sure-Loc rings. Shell holder is sold separately. 

Specifications and Features:
Full length size die
Hand Polished Interior is guaranteed not to scratch brass
Threaded replaceable Expander assembly
Elliptical expander reduces case neck friction and stretching, as well as easing the process of necking up brass
Hardened steel decapping pin will not bend, crack or break, even when depriming cases with crimped primer pockets.
Seating die
Built-in crimper gives you the option of crimping without an extra crimp die
Free-floating seater sleeve design assures benchrest bullet alignment every time
Sure-Loc Lock rings with wrench flats lock the dies into position with locking screws that never contact the threads
Locking retainer spring removes in seconds for easy disassembly and cleaning of the die