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Hornady One Shot with DynaGlide Plus TAP Extreme Use Weapon Cleaner/Dry Lube with 4X Metal Protector 5.5 oz Aerosol Can


This Gun and Tool Cleaner-Conditioner and Dry Lubricant reduces friction causing grime build up. The thin dry film lube is impervious to heat, cold and supports a self-cleaning action resulting in less residue build up and easier removal.

Specifications and Features:
Exceeds the US PRF 63460 and NATO Military minimum load carrying capacity by six times
Surpasses 400 hours Salt and Spray Corrosion Protection (per ASTM B117)
Prevents tarnish, reduces ejection drag, and jamming
High load carrying capacity (metal-to-metal pressure-3000#+)
Heat/Cold resistant to 400F (200C) and -40F
Formulated for extended shooting in harsh weather conditions